The best way to learn Chinese tones is to use the Ka app. It contains hundreds of levels to help you learn and practice Mandarin Chinese tones in a fun, stress-free way. Best of all, it’s FREE.

Yes, obviously I’m biased! After all, I built Ka.

But let me explain in greater detail why I think it’s the right choice for you.

The hardest thing about learning tones is actually believing that you can do it.

It IS possible to learn Chinese tones!

I know it’s hard to imagine when everything sounds the same to you, or when you know that your pronunciation sounds like garbage right now.

The truth is, mastering tones takes a lot of practice. You’ll need months of consistent exposure and practice to be able to get an instinctive feel for them, and to be able to perfectly use the right tone in the right context.

This is where Ka shines.

The app recognizes that THE TOUGHEST THING about learning tones is getting people to stay motivated enough to practice them every day.

That’s why it’s built to feel like a game.

Each level takes just a couple minutes to complete and features 10-15 short drills. You’ll tap and swipe your way through cards, whilst getting repeated tone practice in.

You’ll earn points and discover mystery collectibles. You’ll build a multi-day streak and upgrade your dragon mascot. Very soon, without knowing it, you’ll have gotten a ton of tone practice in, without very much stress or trouble.

Ka is fun, bright and engaging. And it works.

So why not give it a try and take your Chinese to the next level?