An effective & painless way to master Chinese tones.

Ka is a fun, fast-paced flashcards game that introduces you to the range of different sounds that make up the Chinese language and gives you plenty of listening and pronunciation practice via quick, snappy drills.

It is available on the iOS App Store for download on iPhone and iPad.

Is there an Android app?

Ka is built by Kai.

My name is Kai. I’m an independent software developer based in Seattle.

I grew up speaking both English and Chinese in Singapore.

I developed this app because I wanted to help Chinese learners who were struggling with tones.

However, Despite the similarity with my name, the reason that this app is named Ka has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Ka (卡) actually means card in Chinese. If you give the app a try, you’ll see that swipeable cards feature prominently in its design. I thought that this could be a fun form factor to make learning pinyin and tones less painful.

I’ve spent many hours creating and polishing Ka. I hope it helps you out.

If you enjoy it, I would appreciate an App Store review! Every rating counts, especially for a new app.

Please also feel free to write me at