Chinese is a hard language because it contains tones.

Use the wrong tone, and you’ll be calling your mother (mā) a horse (mǎ)!

Learning tones is challenging. You don’t have the time or patience to learn and memorize rules on pitch changes and pinyin tone combinations. I get it — it’s dry, it’s boring, and it’s difficult as hell.

That’s why I spent a long time building a game that helps you master tones in the simplest possible way.

Ka is a fun, swipe-based card game that teaches you to recognize the differences between tones and learn when to use which tone.

It contains gamification elements like streaks, collectible cards and cute dragon mascots to keep you motivated.

With Ka, you’ll feel like you’re playing a game — but you’re actually learning a very important aspect of Chinese at the same time!

Don’t dread the tones in Chinese. Give Ka a try, and you’ll find them to be a breeze.

Download Ka on the App Store and take your Chinese to the next level.